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Mission Statement

At Fresno Unified we believe that all students should experience a quality physical education program that meets each student’s individual needs. It is our mission to utilize diverse teaching strategies to implement a standards based education program for students with disabilities. The goal of the Adapted Physical Education Specialist is to promote the benefits of a lifelong commitment to recreation, physical fitness and sport.

What is Adapted Physical Education?

Adapted Physical Education (APE) is the art and science of developing, implementing, and monitoring a carefully designed physical education instructional program for a learner with a disability, based on a comprehensive assessment, to give the learner the skills necessary for a lifetime of rich leisure, recreation, and sport experiences to enhance physical fitness and wellness.

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Specially Designed Physical Education

This physical education program is for a special education class with minimal or limited adaptations, accommodations, or modifications and is provided for the children and taught by the person who normally teaches physical education for this population. 5 CCR sec. 3051.5(a).

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Role of APE Specialist

  • Instruct students in the development of skills and knowledge that enables them to participate independently to the highest degree possible, based on assessment needs.
  • Provide consultation and support services to regular & special education teachers, school personnel and peers concerning Adapted Physical Education needs and appropriate methods of adaptation for the student that will foster maximum independence and safety.
  • Work with members of the IEP team (i.e. parents, classroom teachers, speech providers, occupational & physical therapists) to provide a functional and meaningful program.
  • Create a program geared to the assessed needs, goal & objectives, functional levels and motivational levels of the student.
  • Prepare and utilize equipment and materials for the development of skill as it is related to Adapted Physical Education (i.e. beeper balls, MOVE equipment, batting tees, etc.).
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APE Service Delivery Models

Direct Service

The APE teacher has direct contact with the student, one on one or small group instruction. The student has goal/s and minutes attached to the IEP. An average service for FUSD is 90 minutes per month.


APE teacher has indirect contact with the student. The service has a goal and minutes. The consultation is between APE teacher and Special Ed./General Physical Education teachers. An average consult service time is 15 – 30 minutes per month.


APE teacher has indirect contact with the student. The service has no goal or minutes. The collaboration is between the APE teacher and Special Ed./General Physical Education teachers.

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Eligibility Criteria

Once the child has qualified for special education and the results of the gross motor assessments indicate that performance in physical education is adversely affected. (APE is not a stand- alone service)

  • Significantly reduced performance levels of two or more years or 1 ½ or more standard deviations below the mean as appropriate to the assessment used in two or more of the following areas:                          
  • Perceptual Motor Function (vision, balance)
  • Object Control (throwing, catching, kicking)
  • Locomotor Achievement (running, jumping)
  • Adapted Behaviors (concept, social)
  • Physical Fitness (agility, strength, endurance)

Exit Criteria

When a student demonstrates that s/he can successfully participate in the general physical education program with appropriate accommodations or modifications, the IEP team typically comes to a decision that the student no longer requires Adapted Physical Education services and exits the student from Adapted Physical Education. Exit criteria from Adapted Physical Education may include:

  • Student no longer demonstrates a developmental delay in comparison to age group peers as measured by standardized test procedures.
  • Student scores less than 1.5 standard deviations below the mean as measured by standardized tests in the gross motor domain.
  • Student meets district and/or state requirements for physical fitness and motor skills at their grade level.
  • Student’s behavior no longer interferes with his/her ability to participate, learn and be safe in a general education P.E. setting.


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