The purpose of this Fresno Unified special education program is to provide training, support, and an educational program to individuals with developmental disabilities ages 18 to 22 years with the goal being to have the students become as independent as possible. 

  • Along with meeting eligibility criteria, students must have a current IEP with an ALPS program placement and a current transition plan.
  • Student must live within Fresno Unified School District, follow Fresno Unified student rules, and have the ability to stay on task/stay with the class.
  • This is not a diploma program


Our educational staff consists of highly qualified, professional, caring, NCLB compliant teachers, community based para educators, and moderate/severe para educators. 


We collaborate with community agencies such as CVRC, Resources for Independence, and Department of Rehab support students’ transition from our program into their post-educational life.

Curricular Area Highlights

In order to teach skills in the areas below, we utilize the Unique curriculum as well as supplemental instructional materials such as: 411 – Disability Disclosure; A 5-is-against-the-law; Transition to Adult Living guide, Cal Fresh Nutrition Educational program, and various community presenters.  We also have a Winter Formal dance for students, a spring transition carnival (where several after 22 programs come and present information to our students), and a Transition ceremony at the end of the school year for our students who are aging out of our program.

Vocational Skills

Students filling out papers on a table
  • Job Readiness
    • areas of career interest
    • job application process
    • filling out applications
  • Work experience in the community
  • Appropriate work related behaviors
  • Flexibility in routines

Independent Living Skills

A student named Emily cooking onions in a pan
  • Health and good hygiene
  • Domestic living
    • cooking
    • laundry
    • shopping
    • cleaning
  • Self-advocacy and awareness
  • Functional academics
    • money math
    • reading directions
    • filling out various applications/forms
  • Social Skills
    • conflict resolution
    • change in laws for 18+
    • anger management
    • appropriate skills in different settings
  • Computer and phone usage
    • appropriate
    • safe

Community Skills

Teacher assisting child reading a map on a board
  • Mobility training
    • bus routes, schedules, safety
    • walking
    • trains
    • reading maps
    • community signs
  • Resources
    • community
    • government
    • charities
    • recreation/leisure
  • Social Skills
    • skills​ taught in classroom are incorporated into community outings
  • Leisure activities


Address: 3132 E. Fairmont Ave., Fresno, CA 93726
Phone: (559) 248-7150
Fax: (559) 248-7186

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